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Artist : Elly Ney (piano)
Title : Beethoven : Piano Sonatas (2 Records Set) 


RELEASE DATE : 18. Dec. 2019
FORMAT : Vinyl
CAT NO : LP43155
DISC : 2 LP   
BARCODE : 8808678161755


• From the original analogue masters of Universal Music  
• Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard at Emil Berliner Studios   
• 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Pallas Group GmbH in Germany 
• 2 records in 2 individual jackets. 


Her face is unforgettable; here, surely is wisdom and a matured sense of values such as we seldom find, and that view is supported by her playing. In the final movement of the Moonlight does she perhaps overdo the little hesitations on the barlines? Is the middle movement too slow? Perhaps, but after all it is marked allegretto, and this slow tempo, which may well be right, grows on you... She is best in the variations, where her playing takes on an almost mesmeric quality. The finale is not polished, but effective enough, and, like Browning, she makes the long repeat in the second half, a repeat which Fischer says is always disregarded. In her hands the repeat seems meaningful and well worth making. Gramophone

Beethoven - Piano Sonatas (2 Records Set)

  • Track List

    Ludwig van Beethoven


    Side 1

    Klaviersonate Nr. 14 Cis-moll Op. 27 Nr. 2 (Mondschein-Sonate) 
    1. Satz: Adagio Sostenuto 
    2. Satz: Allegretto 
    3. Satz: Presto Agitato 


    Side 2

    Klaviersonate Nr. 23 F-moll Op. 57 (Appassionata)  
    1. Satz: Allegro Assai 
    2. Satz: Andante Con Moto 
    3. Satz: Allegro Ma Non Troppo


    Side 3

    Klaviersonate Nr. 8 C-moll Op. 13 (Pathétique) 
    1. Satz: Grave-Allegro Di Molto E Con Brio 
    2. Satz: Andante Cantabile 
    3. Satz: Rondo-Allegro 


    Side 4

    Klaviersonate Nr. 31 As-dur Op. 110 
    1. Satz: Moderato Cantabile, Molto Expressivo 
    2. Satz: Allegro Molto 
    3. Satz: Adagio, Ma Non Troppo-Fuga. Adagio Ma Non Troppo

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