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Brahms - Symphony No.1 in c minor, Op.68
Title : Brahms - Symphony No.1 in c minor, Op.68
Artist : Karl Böhm (cond), Berliner Phlharmoniker

Cat No : LP43065
Label : Deautsche Grammophon
Format : 1 LP
Barcode : 8808678160659

● From the original analogue master tapes of Universal Music.
● Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard
● Cutting to lacquers at Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin
● 180g audiophile virgin vinyl
● Pressed by Pallas GmbH in Germany.

Recording: Berlin, Jesus-Christus-Kirche, 10 / 1959
Recording Engineer : Günther Hermanns
Executive Producer – Otto Gerdes
Producer – Hans Weber

This performance of the (Brahms) First Symphony is formidable competition for even the best that the current catalogue can offer. Böhm’s (Brahms Symphony No.1) is a performance of wonderfully rich detail, the woodwind soli full of charac-ter, the orchestral colouring beautifully judged: where Karajan presents a blended totality of sound, Böhm is intent that we should see both the wood and the trees. Böhm’s view of the Symphony is urgent and vigorous: though he does not miss the broad strength of the introduction, the ensuing allegro has a purposeful athleticism that contrasts most strik-ingly with the heavy grimness of Karajan’s reading. The introduction to the finale is also an instructive comparison: Karajan sees it as an eloquent lament, Böhm as a transition of unbearable tension – one almost dreads that the great C major theme will not, after all, arrive. This is a noble performance that no Brahmsian should miss hearing, regardless of his current preferences; it is excellently recorded.
- The Gramophone Magazine

* Originally released on 1960 (138 113 SLPM)

Brahms - Symphony No.1 in c minor, Op.68

  • Details

    Johannes Brahms(1833-1897)
    Symphony No.1 in c minor, Op.68

    Side A
    1. Un Poco Sostenuto - Allegro - Meno Allegro
    2. Andante Sostenuto

    Side B
    3. Un Poco Allegretto E Graziozo - Attacca
    4. Adagio - Piu Andante - Allegro Non Troppo, Ma Con Brio - Piu Allegro - Piu Allegro
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