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Artist : Mischa Elman (violin), Joseph Seiger (piano)
Title : Elman Recital


RELEASE DATE : 14. Feb. 2019
FORMAT : Vinyl
CAT NO : LP43135
DISC : 1
BARCODE : 8808678161298


Recorded: 15-18 & 22-23 Oct 1956 West Hampstead Studios 
Producer: Paul Hamburger


  • From the original masters of Universal Music.
  • Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard at Emil Berliner Studios.
  • 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Pallas GmbH in Germany.
  • Decca LXT 5303


Mischa Elman's strongest attributes have always been his big, meaty tone and his sense of musical style, expressed in terms of phrasing both careful and subtle. The four classical compositions on this disc serve ideally to show off these qualities. From every standpoint, this is one of the best of his recent efforts before the recording microphone.  High Fidelity

Elman Recital

  • Track List

    SIDE A
    1. Passacaglia (Giovanni Battista Sammartini)
    2. Ciaccona (Tommaso Antonio Vitali)


    SIDE B
    1. Sonata No. 4 In D Major, Op. 1, No. 13 (George Frideric Handel)
    2. Air On The G String From Suite No. 3 In D Major (Johann Sebastian Bach)

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