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J.S. Bach — Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello

Title : J.S. Bach — Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello
Artists: Jean-Max Clément (cello)

Cat No.: LP43064
Label: L’Oiseau-lyre
Format: 2LP, 180g,GF
Barcode: 8808678160642

● From the original masters of Universal Music
● Audiophile analogue mastering by Hans-Jörg Mauksch
● Cutting to copperplate at Pauler Acoustics
● 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Pallas GmbH in Germany
● Stereo Recordings (SOL60016/17— L’OISEAU-LYRE)
● Strict Limited + Numbered Edition (2,000 copies only)
● Original Gatefold Replica Cover

Recored at Centre D’enregistrement
Des Champs-Élysées, 5-6/7/1958
Engineer : André Charlin

He has an excellent sense of phrasing, and conveys all that one needs of the dance-like character in each movement. The solemn preludes, especially those of the C major and D minor Suites, come off beautifully, and there is plenty of contrast in timbre. Clément can develop a good, sonorous tone on his C and G strings... He certainly enjoys a far better recording acoustic than Cassadó. Jean-Max Clément is playing the arpeggio figures with clarity of technique, excellent tone, and harmonic intent.
- The Grammophone Magazine

The Jean-Max Clément cycle has much to commend it. He’s a communicative player, and whilst some of his tempi are generally on the slower side than we are used to today, the music-making has a spontaneity, leaving the favourable impression of music freshly composed and being created on the wing. He draws a big, rich, full-bodied sound from his instrument, and his varied vibrato endows his playing with a wealth of tonal shadings. He’s not averse to the use of portamenti to obtain a particular expressive effect. Nor is he afraid of applying some tasteful rubato to enhance the line. I love the way he captures the sombre introspection of Suite No. 5, gauging to perfection the ebb and flow of the melancholy Sarabande. To the faster dance movem

J.S. Bach - 6 Cello Suites

  • Details

    J.S. Bach — Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello

    SIDE 1
    SUITE No. 1 in G MAJOR Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande- Menuets 1 and 2 -Gigue
    SUITE No. 2 in D MINOR (First Part) Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande
    SIDE 2
    SUITE No. 2 in D MINOR (Concluded) -Menuets 1 and 2 - Gigue
    SUITE No. 3 in C MAJOR Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande- Bourrées 1 and 2 - Gigue
    SUITE No. 4 in E flat MAJOR (First Part) Prelude-Allemande-Courante
    SIDE 3
    SUITE No. 4 E flat MAJOR (Concluded) Sarabande - Bourrées 1 and 2-Gigue
    SUITE No. 5 in C MINOR (First Part) Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande
    SIDE 4
    SUITE No. 5 in C MINOR (Concluded)
    Gavottes 1 and 2 -Gigue SUITE No. 6 in D MAJOR Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande - Gavottes 1 and 2-Gigue
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