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Mozart — The Great Sonatas for Piano and Violin

Title: Mozart — The Great Sonatas for Piano and Violin
Artist: Walter Klien, Piano
Arthur Grumiaux,Violin

Cat No.: LP43054
Format: 5LP,Box, 180g Vinyl
Barcode : 8808678160543

● From the original masters of Universal Music.
● Audiophile analogue mastering by Maarten de Boer
● Cutting at Emil Berliner Studios
● 180g audiophile virgin vinyl
● Pressed by Pallas GmbH in Germany.

Recorded at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
1981/4 (K./KV 301, 376, 454); 1981/5 (K./KV 302, 304, 526);1981/9 (K./KV 305, 360, 377); 1982/5 (K./KV 296, 303, 378);1982/9 (K./KV 379, 380); 1983/9 (K./KV 306, 481).

Arthur Grumiaux and Walter Klien offer playing with spring in its step and a lyrical yet unsentimental warmth in the slow movements, though that of K296 might with advantage have lingered a little more. These are stylish artists who are also eloquent in the unusually wistful Andante con moto of K380... Perhaps a touchstone for Grumiaux's qualities is the great slow movement of K454, where he is sensitive to the extraordinary harmonic design and yet over-reliant on the same tricks of tone-colour to project it. - The Gramophone Magazine

Mozart — The Great Sonatas for Piano and Violin

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    The Great Sonatas for Piano and Violin

    SIDE 1
    Sonate B-dur KV 454
    Sechs Variationen g-moll über das
    französische Lied:«Au bord d’une fontaine» KV360 (6:53)
    SIDE 2
    Sonate e-moll KV 304
    Sonate F-dur KV 376
    SIDE 3
    Sonate Es-dur KV 302
    Sonate A-dur KV 305
    SIDE 4
    Sonate A-dur KV 526
    SIDE 5
    Sonate G-dur KV 379
    Sonate Es-dur KV 380
    Sonate Es-dur KV 380
    Sonate G-dur KV 301
    SIDE 7
    Sonate F-dur KV 377
    Sonate C-dur KV 303
    SIDE 8
    Sonate Es-dur KV 481
    SIDE 9
    Sonate D-dur KV 306
    Sonate C-dur KV 296
    SIDE 10
    Sonate C-dur KV 296
    Sonate B-dur KV 378
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