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Artist : Rachael Yamagata

Title :  Heartache Moon


RELEASE DATE : 10. Oct. 2022

FORMAT : Vinyl/Gatefold/180g  Black 

CAT NO :  S40691P

DISC :  1

BARCODE  : 8803581146912

LABEL : Frankenfish records / Sony Music Korea


● The first ever vinyl issue of these recordings.

● Analogue mastering by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl.

● 180g Audiophile record pressed by Optimal Media GmbH in Germany.

● Comes with a 4-page panel booklet


This record is my own private time capsule of deepest emotions.  The songs span many records and include a few never released gems – all capturing something beautiful in being broken.  It is the deep dive into longing and ache that we dare to face that can allow us to clear its heaviness.  I’ve always found solace in the interpretation of pain. Lyrics can give us a map of what’s tried to derail us so that we may finally shine a light on the darkest corners and move through it.  These songs are a bit like tonic for the weathered heart; a glimmer of light for the darkness – the ‘Heartache Moon’ - Rachael Yamagata


Rachel Yamagata, the most notable singer-songwriter and minstrel of this era, A special compilation that conveys warm comfort with deep lyricism to the pain and longing for a broken heart, containing eight great tracks selected by herself, like jewels in her own time-capsule containing the deepest emotions, specially mastered for vinyl records.

Rachael Yamagata - Heartache Moon

  • Track List

    Side A

    1. Break Apart 

    2. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

    3. Even So (Acoustic)

    4. Dealbreaker  


    Side B

    1. I’m Not in Love 

    2. You Won’t Let Me  

    3. Falling in Love Again

    4. I’m Coming Back

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