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Ravel/Mihalovici — Sonatas for Violin and Piano

Title : Ravel/Mihalovici — Sonatas for Violin and Piano
Artists: Max Rostal (violin),
Monique Haas (piano),

Cat No.: LP43069
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Format: 1LP, 180g,
Barcode: 8808678160697

● From the original analogue master tapes of Universal Music.
● Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard
● Cutting at Emil Berliner Studios
● 180g audiophile virgin vinyl

Recording : Studio Blankenese, Luxo-Kino, Hannover , Beethoven Saal, 5-7 Oct, 1958
Tonmeister : Heinz Wildhagen

Our Best thanks are due to D.G.G. for giving us all an opportunity, through this excellent perfor-mance, of evaluating the work (Ravel Sonata) for ourselves... (it) is brilliantly played here, with all the requisite lightness and delicacy. The entire performance is first-rate. Max Rostal and Monique Haas (the composer’s wife) make light of the work (Mihalovici Sonata)’s formidable difficulties... and the recording is superlative.
- The Gramophone Magazine
* Originally Released on 1959 / 138 016 SPLM (stereo)

Ravel/Mihalovici — Sonatas for Violin and Piano

  • Details

    Maurice Ravel – Sonata for Violin and Piano

    Side A
    1. Allegretto
    2. Blues: Moderato
    3. Perpetuum Mobile: Allegro

    Marcel Mihalovici - 2nd Sonata for Violin and Piano Op. 45

    Side B
    1. Allegro Molto Appassionato
    2. Larghetto Cantabile
    3. Molto Vivace
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