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Artist :Juilliard String Quartet
Title : Schubert : Death and the Maiden


RELEASE DATE : 7.June. 2019
FORMAT :Vinyl 
CAT NO : S80706P
BARCODE : 8803581787061


Recorded: 5~6, Feb & 27 May 1959 Academy Arts and Letters 
Producer: Peter Dellheim


• From the original masters of Sony Music Entertainment.
• Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard at Emil Berliner Studios.
• 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Optimal Media GmbH in Germany.
• RCA Living Stereo LSC-2378 Shaded dog label .


The Juilliard Quartet has long been one of our leading chamber music ensembles; but not since its memorable recordings of the six Bartók Quartets in the early days of LP has it turned in a performance as impressive as that on this Schubert disc. Never have I heard the theme of the Death and the Maiden variations played with such an otherworldly effect. The variations that follow are meaningful and often intensely moving, with every nuance carefully thought out and every balance carefully weighed. By contrast, the other three movements are full of high spirits and sparkling, virtuosic precision. High Fidelity
For sheer dramatic intensity there Is hardly another Quartet in the literature to rival "Death and the Maiden." All four movements have moments of almost frightening anguish. The Juilliard players interpret it with biting vigor and searching comprehension. Their performance is ex- citing. It is broad and moving. The instrumental tone is powerful without coarseness and the ensemble is in sensitive balance throughout. This recording of the composition is tue only one that shares a disc with other music. The Quartettsatz is a single movement, all that Schubert wrote for a projected full-length Quartet. It is a mature work, having been composed after the Trout Quintet, and then perhaps forgotten, like the two movements of the Unfinished Symphony. It is given a vivacious performance. Stereo Review

Schubert : Death and the Maiden

  • Track List

    Franz Schubert 1797-1828
    Side 1

    String Quartet No. 14 In D Minor, Op. Posth. ("Death And The Maiden")
    1. Allegro
    2. Andante Con Moto
    Side 2

    1. Scherzo: Allegro Molto
    2. Presto
    String Quartet No.12 In C Minor, Op. Posth. (Quartettsatz)
    3. Allegro Assai

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