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Artist : Danill Shafran (cello), Lydia Pecherskaya (piano)
Title : Schubert — Arpeggione Sonata / Shostakovich — Cello Sonata


RELEASE DATE : 10. Sep. 2018
FORMAT : Vinyl
CAT NO : S80702P
DISC : 1
BARCODE : 8803581787023



  • From the original masters of Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard at Emil Berliner Studios.
  • 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Optimal Media GmbH in Germany.
  • RCA Living Stereo / LSC-2553 Shaded Dog Label


Recorded : Little Bridges Hall, Claremont, California Aug 4, 1950(A-1), Radio Recorders, Hollywood Dec 1, 1953 & Mar 30, 1954 (A-2), Radio Recorders, Hollywood Dec 15 & 16, 1955 (B)

There would seem to be no area in which one can find fault with this release. Daniel Shafran, the Russian cellist, is in absolutely superb form, stylistically and expressively. In both recorded works, he has captured that elusive thing-the precisely right gesture for the music at hand. It is good, moreover, to hear the Shostakovich so well played. The cello sonata is one of this composer's most successful chamber works-indeed, one of the most consistently successful works in his catalog. The recording quality is first-rate - Stereo Review
Apparently Daniel Shafran and Lydia Pecherskaya scored a big success with Schubert at Carnegie Hall recital. On this record Shafran emerges as a very able player... I was glad to find that Shafran is not quite as rhythmically wayward in the first movement... and I thought his most ingratiat-ing playing comes in the finale, which ahs an irresistable rhythmic lilt.—Gramophone


Schubert -Sonata In A Minor For Arpeggione And Piano, D. 821

SKU: S80702P
  • Track List

    Side 1
    Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) 
    Sonata For Cello And Piano, Op 40


    1. First Movement: Moderato 
    2. Second Movement: Moderato Con Moto 
    3. Third Movement: Largo 
    4. Fourth Movement: Allegretto


    Side 2
    Franz Schubert (1797-1828) 
    Sonata In A Minor For 'Cello And Piano - "Arpeggione"


    1. First Movement: Allegro Moderato 
    2. Second Movement: Adagio 
    3. Third Movement: Allegretto

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