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Artist : Viktoria Mullova(violin), Seiji Ozawa(cond), Boston Symphony Orchestra

Title :  Tchaikovsky , Sibelius - Violin Concertos (2LP)


RELEASE DATE : 10. Oct. 2021

FORMAT : Vinyl

CAT NO : LP43175

DISC : 2 LP / Gatefold

BARCODE : 8808678161755


• From the original analogue masters of Universal Music 

• Audiophile analogue mastering by Sidney Claire Meyer at Emil Berliner Studios  

• 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Pallas Group GmbH in Germany

• Special 2 vinyl records set for sound enhancement



Recorded : 10/1985, Boston


Mullova’s (Sibelius) performance is not overly warm, yet it would be entirely wrong to call it ungenerous; rather, the feeling released through the notes is darker, sterner, and ultimately more invigorating: suddenly it becomes easier to relate the sound world of this concerto to that of the Fourth Symphony, inferior though it may be as a structural-emotional statement. Descending to particulars, there are certain aspects of this interpretation which suggest that it may be closer to what Sibelius imagined than many a more indulgent performance. In the Mullova/Ozawa performance they (sofrzando unisons at the end of the finale) sound entirely appropriate... It now becomes clear that this concerto has suffered more than most from accretions of saccharine. Viktoria Mullova has restore to the music a truly Sibelian grandeur and dignity. The sound on the Mullova disc is magnificently spacious with the soloist well forward.

Tchaikovsky , Sibelius - Violin Concertos (2LP)

  • Track List

    Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    Violin Concerto In D , Op. 35

    Side A

    1. Allegro Moderato

    Side B

    2. Canzonetta (Andante)

    3. Finale (Allegro Vivacissimo


    Jean Sibelius

    Violin Concerto In D Minor, Op. 47

    Side C

    1. Allegro Moderato

    Side D

    2. Adagio Di Molto

    3. Allegro, Ma Non Tanto

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