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Artist : Rita Streich (soprano), Regensburg Cathedral Boys Choir, 
         Kurt Gaebel (cond), Members of the Orchestra of the Bavarian State Radio
Title : The Cradle Songs and Folksongs


RELEASE DATE : 18. Dec. 2018
FORMAT : Vinyl
CAT NO : LP43121
DISC : 1
BARCODE : 8808678161212

Artistsic Supervision: Ernst Wohlert 
Recording Engineer : Klaus Scheibe 
Arrangement : Friedrich Meyer


  • From the original masters of Universal Music.
  • Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard at Emil Berliner Studios.
  • 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Pallas GmbH in Germany.
  • 4-page panel insert included.


This is a really beautiful record – in content, in singing, in accompaniment and in recording. For several years an earlier recital by Rita Streich was used by a number of my dealer friends as one of their favourite demonstration discs. This should now replace it. In addition to its other virtues it is a refreshingly original selection of songs that we are given... again and again I find an endearingly ‘hummable’ quality in the songs that I have not heard before. Every song is a winner. Rita Streich is splendidly supported in three or four of the songs by the sweet-toned Boys’ Choir of Regensburg Cathedral and the accompaniments, mostly for small groups of instruments which vary according to the needs of each song, are all the better for their lightness and deftness. Gramophone

The Cradle Songs and Folksongs

  • Track List

    SIDE 1
    1. Weibt Du, Wieviel Sterne Stehen
    2. O wie wohl ist mir am Abend
    3. Wo E Kleins Huttle Steht
    4. All Mein Gedanken
    5. Glockenruf - Der Burgermeister von Wesel
    6. Der Wechsel Der Jahreszeiten


    SIDE 2
    1. Schlaf Herzenssohnchen
    2. Schalfe, Mein Prinzchen, Schlaf Ein
    3. Sandmannchen
    4. Der Kuckuck
    5. Schwesterlien
    6. Ach Modr, Ick Will En Ding Han
    7. In der Fruah
    8. Abendlied
    9. Ave Maria

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